Tuesday, September 4, 2012

nursery inspiration

i have shared with you some items i found on urban outfitters that i would like to include in mister's nursery.  today, i would like to share with you some general nursery inspiration i have found on then internet. 

i love the colors in this room.
this is exactly what i was going for with mister's room ... a neutral gray wall with lots of color.
via unskinny boppy

again, i love the grey walls with pops of color, but this nursery's simplicity appeals to me.  although, i am wanting more of an eclectic feel for mister's room, im sure it will start out a little bare.  i love the white crib and the simple sheet instead of a repetitive theme throughout the room.
via modern kiddo

i love these flash cards!  its a great way to add color to the walls.
via k plus j equals love

i like how bright this nursery is.  unfortunatly, we do not have this much natural light coming into mister's room.  
what i really love about this room is the collage of prints on the wall.
i have already found a few prints that i want to use.
via design crisis

i was able to work on our changing table this past weekend.  its actually an old bakers cabinet my mom gave me.  i have a couple of things i want to do to finish it up before i post a picture though.  

mister's room is finally coming together piece by piece. 


  1. I love all the paintings on the wall...such a nice touch!

  2. Love all your inspiration pictures! We painted our little man's nursery grey as well and have a white crib- funny how we were drawn to the same colors. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


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