Friday, October 5, 2012

high 5 for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette and rachel to share the little things from this past week that makes my heart smile.

saturday morning, i headed to the flea market in north raleigh.  its a small one and i rarely get up that way.  i stopped by my favorite shop, susanna's antiques, and instantly feel in love with this red cabinet.  the best part is that it was such a great price, i didnt have buyers remorse at all.  right now, im using it as a buffet but im wondering if i want to bring the bakers cabinet down to the dining room and taking this up to the nursery to be used as a changing table.  either way, it is an awesome and very useful addition to the benfield household!  

on saturday night i got to put my new buffet to the test.  we hosted a spaghetti dinner for our neighbors.  we have had the pleasure of meeting several neighbors briefly and they seemed great.  what better way to get to know them then by throwing, what could potentially be, a really awkward dinner party :).  our dining room table was full of people of different ages, races and backgrounds all breaking bread with people they didnt really know before walking in our home ... it.was.awesome!!!  i am so glad i didnt chicken out.  i have been meaning to have them over for a month or so but i always had a great excuse.  the biggest one was that my house wasnt clean.  well, hello, i stayed home from work last week to clean my house for the shower.  when our church congregation was challenged to share a meal with someone i told husband that we really didnt have much of a choice.  so i made a crap ton of pasta, salad, bread and brownies and then we waited.  i didnt even ask for an rsvp on the invites, i just decided that if no one showed up that it was totally ok ... we would just eat spaghetti for the rest of our lives. every single person showed except for one guy that had to work.  i would like to extend the challenge that i got at church 2 sundays ago ... share a meal with your neighbors or ask some coworkers to lunch.  the point is to eat and live as a community, loving one another.  

i dont have an instagram picture of the dinner or people but i did have just enough spaghetti left to make baked spaghetti to freeze for after mister gets here.  it felt pretty good to prepare something i know we will really need later when momma doesnt feel like cooking!  

on sunday, i headed to meet my parents to ride to a mini family reunion in little washington, nc.  we had a great meal and had a great time catching up and just being together.  

i was also able to take my fabric to my mom's cousin to recover the rocking chair cushions for misters room while in washington.  im hoping to go back and pick it up in a couple of weeks.  

its been pretty humid and rainy all week.  i was so pleased to look out my window on thursday morning to see the sun poking through the trees.  i couldnt help but smile.  

after work on wednesday, i had some awesome ladies over for tea and coffee ... and some yummy pumpkin bagels.  we had a great time relaxing in my mostly clean living room talking about nothing and everything.  it was such a simple and lovely evening!  



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  1. That buffet table is gorgeous! And I love the idea of that challenge! I'm so glad it went well :)

    Happy Friday! xoxo

  2. Sounds like a great evening. I would have totally chickened out. Good for you.

  3. The view out your window is fantastic! I love your new red cabinet! And I had dishes growing up that matched your tea cups. Fun week :)

  4. what a great find. that buffet is beautiful :)

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May


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