Thursday, May 17, 2012

14 weeks

1st trimester summary:

i have been very blessed these first 14 weeks.  besides being super hungry, very tired and breaking out like a 13 year old, i wouldnt even know i was pregnant.  well, the growing belly is a dead giveaway too :o). i grew out of my bras pretty quickly and started wearing a few maternity items a couple of weeks ago (loving stretchy pants!!!).  luckily i own a lot of roomy dresses, like the one above, that are great during this transition.  so far, i havent had any strange cravings but i have noticed that if i mention in passing that i would love a ___(insert yummy food here), most of the time, it shows up.  not because i am having pregnancy cravings ... its just because husband is the bomb!!!

things i am not looking forward to:  
  • spending money on bras and bathing suites that will support the growing girls.  it is expensive to find something that is supportive when im not pregnant.  so spending a lot for something that is temporary seems silly, but to not find and purchase the appropriate garments is not an option.
  • random people asking me very personal or just inappropriate/dumb questions.  i have a very low tolerance for this lately and cannot seem to muster up the "just smile and keep your mouth shut" approach.  i know i will be getting a lot of practice so i may as well get used to it.   
  • people being so judgmental - again, having a very low tolerance for women making other women feel like crap about themselves.  im sure i will do a entire post dedicated to this in the near future, so i will just leave at that for now.  
 things i am very much looking forward to in my 2nd trimester:
  • rocking my belly at the beach
  • finding out the gender
  • registering
  • more energy
  • starting the nursery
  • being out of the awkward "is she getting fat/is she pregnant" phase
  • laying in bed with husband talking about names and what our baby will be like. 
  • our babymoon!!!!! (which i will tell you more about in a later post)


  1. Yay! This is so fun. I'm going to enjoy hearing (reading?) about it all :)

  2. Go ahead and shop for nursing bras now, and start wearing them. They're super-sturdy!

  3. So, so thrilled for you!!! Seriously. And if it makes you feel any better, I break out like a 13-year-old boy just about once a month. haha ;)

    You are so beautiful, cousin... and I love your sweet baby bump! :)


  4. Enjoy every minute....I loved being pregnant!!!! and you look Fabulous!!!

  5. Aww congratulations! I love reading posts like these because it helps me get an idea of what to expect someday. Thanks for your honesty. And seriously, what is it about people asking the rudest questions and losing all sense of personal space around pregnant women? Is there some sort of unwritten law that you can just touch their tummies and ask them random questions - especially if you're a stranger? I don't get it.

  6. you are so cute! that is exciting you are going on a babymoon soon!!


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