Wednesday, January 12, 2011

trendy blogs unite!

i would like to give a big thanks to dana at hancock heir for passing on this trendy blog award.  dana is not only a good friend and fellow blogger, she is also married to my cousin michael.  they just had their first baby and i guess im a little bias when i say that her son is so freaking cute i cant stand it.  

i also want to give a shout out to any peeps that are visiting from hancock heir.  welcome!  


my number one favorite thing about blogging is finding new blogs to follow and my number two is getting comments and new followers.  i love having the opportunity to tell you about blogs i have found and enjoy.  that being said, the rules for this award are as follows:

  1. post about the award
  2. pass the award to ten other bloggers
  3. leave a link (here) to the trendy blog button.  
the shanner of attention - sometimes i think shannon and i may be twins.  she is recently married and has an outlook on life that i truly appreciate.  
laugh when you can - im gonna have to take a little credit on this blog ... only because i pestered tara to blog until she finally gave in.  our sense of humor and sarcasm is very similar.  she makes me laugh on and off the web.
adventures in randiland -  randi is a new follower of mine.  i went to check out her blog and could not stop laughing.  she shares the joys of single life and great stories from past relationships.  if you read thru and do not even crack a smile, then im pretty sure we cant be friends. 
carp dime - speaking of sarcasm ... aaron is one of my favs.  he writes about book/movie reviews short stories and just life in general.  i really love how he can post something so silly and then switch it up to something that really makes you think.  he has been blogging for a long time and it shows.  
so stinkin' cute - suzanne writes a little about everything with a lot of humor.  i love her willingness to talk about dirty hair, rants about celebrities and big butts.  
hickstionary - i found heidi because she is a fellow 30 for 30 blogger.  i was taken back by her words, style and openness when writing about her relationship with God.  she is a talented photographer as well.  
blue collar catwalk - kyla just celebrated her 2 year blogging anniversary.  she is another 30 for 30 find and i have been inspired by her style ... she is a remixing genius!
ruffled - this is my eye candy blog!  no, not because of good looking men or anything.  its a blog that posts about beautiful weddings and engagement photo shoots.  if ever there is a blog that makes me wanna get married all over again, its this one. 
the daybook - when i first came across syd's blog i was all like "oh here we go.  another style blog about a beautiful, skinny blond."  (ps - i have been working on my judgmentalness)  but then the worst part was ... i cant not like her because she is too sweet.  she once wrote an awkward and awesome blog that made me fall in love and i have been hooked ever since.  plus, she is a great remixer!  
the lowe family news and hunduddle hussy - are both written by "the hussy."  she posts pics and videos of her daily life.  nothing to say but this girl is funny. 

so there you go ... 10 blogs that make my day/week/month in some way or another.



  1. Thanks! I was really struggling with finding something to write about today. I was about to resort to posting the video of the West Virginia Ninja when I saw your post.

  2. um, now im going to have to google the west va ninja.

  3. The hussy is her! And the corning ware...I love love corning is functional and deliciously retro!

  4. Thank you so much!! I am trying to figure out how to follow the rules! This is so exciting :)

  5. Thanks so much! This is coooooool.


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