Sunday, April 18, 2010

michael & dana ... and aydan makes 3

yay! i finally get to post michael and dana's pics. they have a little one on the way and asked me to take some photos to help announce the gender and name to their family and friends. because it was a surprise, i had to wait, which im not very good at.

michael is my cousin and i love him dearly. we moved to raleigh together about 7 years ago. we have laughed and cried ... and laughed so hard i cried on several occasions. his happiness means so much to me, and when it comes to dana ... i dont think i could have picked a better one myself. these two are going to be such a great parenting team, im hoping to watch and learn :)

below, are my 6 favorite pictures from that day. i cant wait until dana's belly looks like its about to pop! i will have to bully her into letting me take more photos ... i need more practice and i love pregnant bellies.

michael and dana, i love you so much and cannot wait to meet aydan kerry hancock!!!

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