Thursday, April 22, 2010

to nest

husband and i have found a home to rent that we love! yes, it is quite a bit smaller than the apartment we are in now, but we could use a little downsizing. with all the space we have had over the past two years, we have accumulated quite a bit of stuff. we have been praying to find a place that includes our "needs" nothing else really. "needs" include a fenced back yard for mailey the pup, a safe neighborhood, affordable, and enough space where we can live comfortably with 1 toddler. and thats pretty much it. and oh how God provides :)

all i am waiting for now is a verbal agreement from the owner. she has a tendency to avoid saying "yes" or "no" and it confuses me. im thinking this is just her nature though. i am a woman of confirmations ... i give them (in order to make myself clear) and i ask for them (in order to get a clear answer). we are not actively looking for another place and we know if this place falls through, its not meant to be. she met us and gave us the lease agreement and rental application to sign ... she even told us when the deposit is due (not until move-in day). so why do i still feel like a cant get too excited. i was able to go a couple of weeks without telling everyone and now i can hold it no longer.

so heres for getting my hopes up, its official, IM EXCITED!

mailey dreaming of her new backyard.

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