Thursday, December 16, 2010

snow day

i literally dreamed about this outfit last night ... well, the shorts and jacket.  i know it sounds stupid, but its true.  one reason why i was eager to be done with my 30 for 30 challenge is because i was excited to try out something similar to this.  as i continued to follow kyla's 30 for 30, i kept seeing how great she remixed these jean shorts (seen here, here, here here and my favorite, here

so, as i said, last night i dreamed about cutting off every pair of jeans because i had to find just the right ones.  after getting a text this morning, saying the office was closed for a snow day, i jumped up and pulled out my jeans (let it be known, that i only chopped off one pair for now).  i put together this outfit and then sat down to drink my morning coffee and leisurely read thru some blogs.  husband and i eventually headed to borders for more coffee and to buy each other a christmas present (we each picked out a book for the other to buy and gift back to us).  

i want to go by goodwill soon and try to find a lighter color pair of jeans to cut ... but until then, i think im loving these :) 

hat: was great grandfathers
button up: husband's
sweater: target
corduroy blazer: mommed
tights: kohls
both pairs of socks: target
boots: kohls


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