Thursday, November 14, 2013

currently ...

missing ... long, warm days

loving ... seeing henry become this little person with his own personality 

thinking about ... planning a mini vaca/ road trip

listening to ... mumford and sons concert on youtube.  i have just recently found that you can watch entire concerts on youtube so i looked up some of my favorites.  

drinking ... water

thankful for ... husband, coffee and henry's new play yard thing we set up in the basement.  its a great place for him to play while im in the shower, cooking, blogging :)

addicted to ... dark chocolate covered almonds from trader joes

dreading ... the wintry weather, it being dark out when i get home from work and static shocks from my hair, coat, car door, etc.   

reading ... Bringing Up Bébé
One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting - chapter 6 is so interesting (along with the rest of the book so far).  its about the difference between child care options in paris vs. the US.  

dreaming of ... summer time and beach trips

excited about ... jen coming home for a visit this weekend, the sweet sibling tat my bro and i are planning and getting my blog back up and running. 

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