Monday, June 18, 2012


warning:  the following post contains a ridiculous amount of pictures.

flying into newport beach, ca


art walk at laguna

laguna beach

favorite ladies!

birthday surprise from jen :)

afternoon hanging out at laguna beach

via jen

via jen

lola and the bump

via jen

via jen

via jen

via jen

via jen

via jen

stephen and i

jen and stephen

jen and i

stephen chillin at the beach

beach bump

safety first for lola

jen and lola


via jen

drive to LA

view from my cousins balcony
cousin and i at a rooftop bar in downtown LA

husband and i


walt disney concert hall

angels flight - shortest railroad

cousin lee and boone

flying into rdu


  1. So happy to have had the chance to spend some QT with u both! Love the pics!

  2. wow - fantastic photos.

    you guys definitely lived it up. glad you had a blast.

    (I love photobomb blog posts!)

  3. oh gosh, all of these photographs are all too fabulous! i can't get over those llamas and the dog in the life vest. hilarious!
    xo TJ


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