Friday, April 26, 2013

high five for insta-friday

yay for friday!!!  im excited to be linking up with lauren, jeanette, and rachel to share five awesome things from this past week.

ONE:  i got my hairs chopped off.  technically i did this one week and 2 days ago but i didnt do a h54f post last week so its ok :)  i did the typical "short cut after becoming a new mom" thing.  i was talking with my hair stylist about it ... about how it has less to do with needing something "quick and easy" and more to do with figuring out this new person i am becoming.  she brought up a great point about how getting your hair cut is like shedding skin or coming out of a cocoon and being something new.  i really like that analogy.  

TWO:  i am a runner.  i ran the four mile race i was training for and guess what, it was fun!  we got up at the butt crack of dawn last saturday to leave for the race.  all i could think was "i am about to run for fun and i freaking paid to do it.  what the devil is wrong with me?"  ha!  but we had a great time and even though we were super late because of traffic and didnt get to the start line until 9 minutes after the gun shot, we still ran.  i was determined to run this race and enjoy doing so with my sister ... cause she is a runner too!  

THREE:  henry tried out his highchair this week for the first time.  i gave him some blocks to play with.  he looked so big and smart.  

FOUR:  ... and then we gave him his first real live people food last night.  he had 6 bites of mushed up avocado.  i think avocado is what butter tastes like disguised as a fruit.  henry also thought it was pretty yummy.  

FIVE:  i had a fabulous guest post from aj yesterday about dating your significant over,  
that reminds me of the camping date night husband and i had a few years ago.



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  1. Great hair cut!Happy Friday!
    stop by some time

  2. I recently did the "mom bob/chop" too. I'm still digging it :) Yours looks great!

    Stopping by from instafriday :)

  3. Cute hair! I haven't done it yet. And great job on the run!

  4. I love your hair!! You have the perfect face for short hair. (That's a weird sentence).

  5. I love what you said about this new person you are becoming. I feel the very same way since having my son. I feel like I am a totally different person, and I need a totally different look :) Great post - as always :)

  6. love your hair!!! i just cut all mine off too!


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