Thursday, January 12, 2012

date your man!

i am a firm believer that you need to purposely date your spouse.  most people believe this, but not all make it a priority.  i know when we have kids it will be a lot harder to make time for this, but it is sooooo important.  lately, our date nights consist of some form of dinner and a movie ... out for dinner, in for a movie or vice versa.  i wanted to spice it up and little and do something fun but we had just bought a house so any extra funds were spoken for.  so, i decided we would "go camping" ... in our spare bedroom. 

one of the best parts of our new digs is the space we have.  there are two rooms that are pretty much empty.  but before we load the spare room up with my craft supplies, sewing machine and guest bed, i decided to have a little fun in the space and use it for a date night.

the rules are:  no tv (the computer was for the camp fire video) and that we must stay in the room all night as if we were out in the wilderness (with the exception of letting the pups out to do their business). 

obviously, i did not have to wash my hair for this date :)

 see, fun and romantical!!!

any other great (and inexpensive) date night ideas that you guys have successfully pulled off? 


  1. awwww - what a totally sweet idea. :)

  2. So fun! I love it! Cooking and dancing, playing games with candles, that's some of what we do so far.


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