Thursday, November 1, 2012

38 week pregnancy update

happy november!!!!!
husband and i spent last saturday night at home giggling and being silly. 
i thought it was only appropriate that mister join in on the giggles.
  • 38 weeks = 9.5 months
  • expected birthday: november 7, 2012 ... aka 6 more days :)
  • movement:  i still feel his head under my left ribs.  we go for our doctors appointment this afternoon, so they will be able to confirm his position.  
  • my movement/comfort:  my stomach is really hard these days.  it doesnt really give which makes getting up and down rather difficult.  for the most part im sleeping well thanks to my tylenol pm.  i still wake up at least once, maybe twice, a night to use the bathroom and flip over.  
  • energy level:  about the same as it was last week.  im tired a lot so i rest a lot but i also have short burst of energy that helps me to get things done.  
  • belly button:  in but completely flattened out (see above picture)
  • stretch marks:  none
  • nursery:  i refuse to buy anything else for the walls.  this weekend i will get the changing table pad and baby tub.  these are the last two items on my list before mister gets here.  
  • other:  tomorrow i reach the 39 weeks mark.  it is very likely that i will not post a 39 week update, seeing how next thursday i will be a mom.  i plan on taking my laptop to the hospital in case i have time to kill but of course, i make no guarantees.  i will make sure to post a photo or ten to instagram (@mebenfield) and twitter (follow me here).

wanna see something funny?
here is a reminder of how the outfit above fit about 20 weeks ago.


  1. you looks great! Almost there, how exciting!

  2. Your belly is too cute! I unfortunately have a couple of stretch marks or "little friends" as I lovingly refer to them as :( So are you scheduled for a c-sect since mister is breach? I go back next Friday and I will get checked but so far we are head-down...

  3. Mom says you look so cute and I think so too!!! XD


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