Thursday, October 11, 2012

35 week pregnancy update

  • 35 weeks = 8.75 months
  • 29 days until my due date ... as of tomorrow, i only have 4 weeks left.  what the what!  
  • mister should be about the size of a honeydew melon, measuring up to 18 inches long and weighing in over 5 lbs.  however, i look like i have something much larger then a honeydew in my belly. 
  • mister movement: things are getting a little crowded in the ole' uterus so the movements havent been as large as they were, but just as often. 
  • my movement: in a word "elegant" or maybe even "graceful" LOL!  ok, i just pulling your leg that feel asleep.  whats that?  your legs arent falling asleep every 30 minutes ... maybe its just me.  HA!  lets just say that i have felt quite large and awkward these past few days.  and yes, i know, its only going to get worse. 
  • sleep:  waking a few more times during the night this week and finding it a little harder to get back to sleep.
  • comfort: well, i finally went bra shopping.  i was able to find a nursing bra that seems to fit pretty well.  if anyone else is having a hard time, i decided to go with the brovado brand (thanks for the suggestion kristi).  
  • energy level:  about the same as last week. 
  • belly button:  in
  • stretch marks:  none
  • birthing class:  i signed up last friday and went by to pay and pick up any materials needed for the class.  since we will be doing the 1 day class, we have several videos to watch before we go.  i have only gotten through the first two and have learned a lot and i think husband is getting a lot out of them as well.  so, the videos alone have been worth the effort and cost of the birthing class.  im not sure i would have put this much effort into it if i had not heard such great things from my readers.  thanks ladies!  
  • nursery:  i finally have my area rug and i started putting together the collage wall.  i plan on organizing a lot this weekend and find a proper place for things instead of shoving it up on the closet shelves.  i think i will wait to do a nursery reveal post instead of showing any more random pictures ... so stay tuned!
  • other: i had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything seems to be right on track.  from here on out, i will see them once a week. 
  • also:  we had our final baby shower last saturday afternoon.  my aunts hosted it at my mom's house.  it was really great to have a bunch of family friends i havent seen in a while.  i know i have mentioned it on here before, but we have just been overwhelmed with generosity, love and support from everyone.  
here are a few photos from the shower on saturday. 


  1. You look fabulous.

    I looooooooove that vintage stroller. I picture a gorgeous photo shoot with that guy.


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