Thursday, August 30, 2012

29 weeks pregnancy update


  • 29 weeks = 7.25 months
  • 15 to 17 inches long and about 2.5 to 3 lbs ... basically the size of a butternut squash (see below).
  • mister movement:  lots!  usually around 11am and 9:30 or 10pm is when he is the most active.  i havent felt any hiccups yet and im hoping he doesnt take after his father with those.  husband tends to get the hiccups for days at a time.  
  • food cravings:  i have been craving fruit mostly.  finally located some figs at my local whole foods so i have been snacking on them and fresh strawberries a lot.  
  • sleeping:  still only getting up once, around 6am, to use the bathroom.  
  • my movement:  the sofa in the basement stays pulled out into a bed most of the time for optimum lounging ... i have to do a little rocking motion when getting up.  also, my left foot falls asleep often so i end up walking funny until it wakes up. 
  • comfort:  my biggest issue has been finding a bra that fits well, that is supportive and even mildly comfortable.  i wont go into too much detail but i have taken one back to the maternity store and plan on taking back the one i just exchanged and they keep getting more expensive.  needless to say, if this is my only complaint, i am very well aware that i am one lucky girl.  
  • heartburn:  gone for now ... hip hip hurray!!!
  • mood/emotions:  pretty normal as far as i can tell.
  • energy level:  i am noticing a difference here and find myself getting tired more easily.  
  • nursery:  no updates here.  still the same as last week (see above)
  • belly button:  still in ... although it is getting very shallow :) 
  • stretchmarks:  none yet
  • what to wear:  i feel like i have had a growth spurt in the past week.  things that fit fine just 7 days ago, no longer seem conformable.  luckily this opens me up to 2 pairs of work pants that have been a little big but now im down a couple of tops.  no worries though, thinking about stopping by some thrift stores to see if i can find a few things to get me through this last stretch (pun intended). 
  • looking forward to:  baby showers!  i am so looking forward to celebrating with our friends and family over the next month or so.  also, we havent really purchased anything for mister yet.  i have been holding out and saving our funds for anything that we will need before and just after he gets here.  i haven't even bought one outfit, although we have been given a few really cute ones. 

its hard to believe i will be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

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