Friday, August 3, 2012

high five for insta-friday

linking up with laurenjeannett, rachel and lindsay to share with you some of my very favorite things from this week.  

ONE: getting out on sunday evening to walk around yates mill county park. 
... and getting to spend some time with this lovely family

TWO:  still trying to add a few veggie juices to my diet as well as enjoying other healthy meals  
 ... one of my favorites is wheat chex and banana.  yum!

THREE:  loving my furry son even if he is a serial licker. 

 FOUR:  being pregnant becoming a unicorn is fun!

FIVE:  getting a few items to add to my pregnancy wardrobe.  
thanks to tara, i feel like i went shopping without spending a dime!

is it wrong to add a number six?  if so, then i dont want to be right!

SIX:  receiving a package in the mail from jen ...
... being sweetly asked to be a bridesmaid.


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  1. mmmmm chex and banana! sounds so yummy!!!

  2. your little baby bump is so cute in that dress!

  3. That park is beautiful!! You're lucky to live near something like that :)

    Also, I agree with Autumn that your bump is adorable! Congrats!

    Happy Friday!
    Amber @ Tiny Turtles

  4. Cute prego mama! I was just at my OBGYN office this morning for my annual and sort of miss being pregnant getting all that attention (my kids are now 10,8, & 6!). I LOVE how your friend asked you to be her bridesmaid - so thoughtful :)

  5. That park looks so pretty!!! And yay for being asked to be a bridesmaid!

  6. Great post! Serial licker pup photo made me laugh. I love banana chex breakfasts as well, kiwis are my have thing to add in with them ;)

  7. yum...chex & banana. you've inspired my breakfasts for next week! :)

    also, your dog is SO adorable...those eyes are priceless!

  8. What great photos! The park in the first photo is beautiful and your dog is adorable!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)
    Sapir @


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