Thursday, August 2, 2012

25 weeks

pregnancy updates:
  • translation:  25 weeks = 6.25 months 
  • only 2.75 months until due date
  • baby should be about 1.5 lbs and 13.5 inches long 
  • this website says that mister's hands are fully developed and that he spends a lot of time "groping around in the darkness of my uterus."  that makes me laugh because i picture him playing marco polo with the umbilical cord ... in fact, they might me playing right now.  
  • sleep:  for the most part i have been sleeping really well.  i usually wake up around 6:20 am to pee.  its a little annoying because i get a full 30 minutes before i HAVE to get up.  so im always hitting snooze and waking up again a little later than i would like.  what i need to do is start practicing getting up earlier and just stay up after my morning potty visit.   but sleep is sooooo good these days :)
  • food cravings:  fresh figs, red grapes and root beer floats.  as i mentioned last week, our diet has not been quite as healthy these past few weeks.  we are eating a lot of sandwiches and cheetos but we are still getting in a few veggie juices throughout the week.  im convinced that mister will have really good eyesight from all the carrot juice ive been having. 
  • food aversions: i usually skip this info because it doesnt apply.  i have been blessed with almost zero sickness/nausea.  however, i ate some spaghetti this week and just did not enjoy it.  i thought the noodles or meat might have been bad but husband said it was fine.  that can only mean that my taste buds are not liking spaghetti right now which breaks my heart.  
  • belly button:  still in
  • nursery:  still painting the crib.  i think after the 7th coat, it will look perfect!  
  • maternity style:  tara just gave me two more dresses and a jean skirt to use.  im glad she thought of lending these items to me a little later in my pregnancy because i feel like i went shopping.  it was nice to get ready for work this week and not put on something i had on 3 days ago.  
  • mood/emotions: all my emotions have been intensified this week.  this is usually something that happens to all hormonal pregnant women, but this is the first week i have noticed it.  happiness is super happy which is totally great.  the downfall is that anxiety is also intensified and i have been feeling very anxious about a lot of different things ... which has been resulting in a lot of crying.  thank God my husband loves me even though im a little crazy! 


  1. you are such a beautiful pregnant woman. seriously. i hope i look this good when i have a babe!

  2. Weeks 20-28 were my absolute favorite. I hope you're enjoying it!!!

  3. you look so pretty!!! I didn't like red sauce or spaghetti either when i was pregnant. It gave me bad heartburn. You really are looking GREAT!!

  4. no spagetti?! I don't know what I would do with myself!
    You look great Elizabeth! I can't believe I haven't actually seen you! Need to get together ASAP!

  5. Love your blog!

    i am 18 weeks and am feelin' your root beer float craving! Looking forward to reading more..

    Elizabeth in Boston


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