Friday, August 24, 2012

high 5 for insta-friday

today, i am linking up with lauren, jeanette, rachel and lindsey to acknowledge all the little things from this past week that makes my heart smile. 

ONE:  as you may have guessed from this post, my nephew, vincent, is obsessed with pirates right now.  although he still has love for thomas and friends, i think he has moved on.  the thomas thing was a bit out of control.  the show is annoying and the toys are heavy ... you know this if you have ever had a toddler launch a thomas or percy at your head.  but now, he has moved on to pirates and its so freaking cute!  my sister took him to the pirate invasion in beaufort nc a couple of weeks ago and he is having a pirate themed birthday party in december.  that means, i get to dress my one month old mister up like a little pirate.  CUTE!!!  
brother and vincent at the pirate invasion

TWO:  after an exciting weekend, omar was pooped.  
he slept like this almost all the way home. 

THREE:  my mother-in-law brought us over some yummy cheese. 
i have been melting it on toast and hot dogs all week long. 
... and i have been eating a lot of eggs to get my iron up.
... and i finally found some figs.  
i ate most of them within 4 hours of the purchase

FOUR:  after almost 4 years without air condition in the jeep, we finally had it fixed. 
and this little "piece of car" was the culprit.  

FIVE:  my belly is getting huge!  
{yeah, thats my head up there}
just a constant reminder that i get to meet mister soon :)


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  1. Love the photo of Omar snoozing! x

  2. Those figs and strawberries look yummalicious! And that belly pic is adorable!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Stopping by from Finding Joy's link up.


  3. Hello! Is there anyway you can do a post on how you painted your crib? Did you use spray paint or use a brush? We are looking at painting our crib, too. Thanks!

  4. Sarah - i would like to say that i used some awesome method to paint the crib but it was just good old fashioned painting. the crib was white and had a slick surface. i sanded it a bit and attempted to spray primer on it but that didnt really help. after that, we just painted on the yellow, one coat at a time with a small roller and brush. i must admit, it didnt cover super well ... you could clearly see brush/roller strokes even after 2 coats. if you came over to my house you would see several spots that could use a touch up. after about 4 coats, i stopped stressing too much about it being perfect. i just wanted to get it put together and make the room feel like a nursery. total, we spent about $30 on paint and maybe another $10 on other supplies. but the crib was free and even though it was kind of a pain, i think the color is perfect and its the crib my mom used for brother and i so its also super spesh.

    i hope that helps.

  5. Ah, when are you due? I'm due October 20th, also with a little man!

    Stopping by from InstaFriday : )

  6. cute belly bump!

    Happy Saturday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  7. Those figs and strawberries look divine!!!

  8. I don't think I've ever had a fig! Unless you count Fig Newtons!

  9. Such fun pictures. The fruit looks so delish. I've never actually tried a fig.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  10. The figs and strawberries look great! I love the belly pic too! Found you through the H54F link up!



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