Thursday, August 23, 2012

28 weeks pregnancy update

  • 28 weeks = 7 months
  • mister could weight between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs and could be almost 15 inches long.
  • a couple of weeks ago, i misspoke and said i was in my 3rd trimester.  turns out i am NOW in my 3rd trimester at 28 weeks ... with only 2 more months to go.  i guess its because the 36 weeks vs 40 weeks thing.  either way, im 6.5 weeks away from my due date and thats only comes to 35 weeks ... see how it can get confusing.  
  • a kind friend has loaned husband and i their heartbeat monitor doppler thingy.  i was able to share misters heartbeat with my whole family and i get to hear him every night before bed.  isnt technology fun! 
  • things to look forward to:  i hear/read that i could start leaking (as in lactating) any day now ... fun!  and so far i have not experienced any braxton hicks contractions but these could also be right around the corner. 
  • food cravings:  still nothing too exciting.  i did manage to get some black California figs at whole foods but still none of the green ones.  
  • sleeping:  just fine for the most part.  i wake up around 5 or 6 to use the bathroom and then back to bed with me.  the other night i didnt sleep well because of horrible dreams but other than that, its been pretty normal. 
  • mood/emotions:  i feel in control of my emotions still, although, husband might would tell you differently. 
  • nursery:  last week, my mother-in-law brought over a rocking chair for us to use.  im excited to add something to the room from husband's side of the family.  he said he remembers the chair being at his grandmothers house for as long as he can think back.  i just need to recover the cushions and it will be a perfect spot to rock mister to sleep.


  1. So beautiful and blooming! :)

  2. So, I'm curious as to how you're counting weeks.

    I started counting weeks from my last menstrual cycle (so I was 4 weeks pregnant when I missed my first period). That lead to 40 weeks being my due date.

    Did you start counting at a different time? Because you will only be about 35 weeks when you're due. I'm 'fused.

    1. honestly, i can blame it on technology. i put in the date when i missed my first period into an app and it told me how far along i was. then i put in my due date and then it updated i think. what i post goes with my doctor appointments (ultrasound, finding out the sex, etc) but now its not really adding up. i have another appointment next week so i guess ill just have to ask them how far along i am. sad isnt it.

    2. ps - i know its a little off because i post at the end of each week ... meaning tomorrow i will actually be 29 weeks according to my calendar. so its not like today marks the beginning of week #28. also, at one point (maybe when we found out he was a mister) he was actually measuring for a due date of november 6th but it was only a few days difference so the doc didnt change it.

      also, also, i am now remembering that when i can in for my 8 weeks ultrasound that mister was measuring only 6 weeks so i had to come in 2 weeks later.

      so yeah, im 'fused as well :)

  3. Aww! I've cried reading this because I realize how much I miss you and getting updates on Mister. We miss you and love you guys! Keep posting...I gotta get my fix! :-)

  4. Found you on Pinterest...You look adorable! :) I am 26 weeks myself and really enjoy reading other pregnant ladies' updates! Check us out sometime over at


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