Thursday, August 16, 2012

27 weeks pregnancy update

  • 27 weeks = 6.75 months 
  • last week, i told you that he was about 2 lbs and 14 inches long ... i am sure he is bigger, but the web tells me that he hasnt grown a whole lot this week.  he might be reaching just over 2 lbs and just under 15 inches.  
  • mister's eye lids are no longer fused together. 
  • heart rate was 140something at our appointment on wednesday. 
  • i plan on doing a one hour movement test this evening.  that means ill have to drink some yummy juice (im thinking grapefruit) and lay down for an hour.  i just want to count and make sure mister moves at least 10 times during that hour.  he has been moving just fine but my doctor said its a good way to make sure he is moving around ok.  
  • i officially do not have gestational diabetes, woo hoo!  
  • they did say my iron was a little lower then what they wanted.  whats that you say?  the oatmeal creme pies i have been eating after lunch arent high in iron?  so i guess i will be adding some extra greens, eggs and red meat to my diet over the next 2 weeks to see if i can get my iron up. 
  • yup, you heard me, i have graduated to the every 2 weeks appointments. 
  • other than the iron (and it was just mentioned, not made a big deal about) the doctor says everything seems to be on track.  
  • my heartburn is much better then it was last week which is nice. my heartburn went away and suddenly returned last night after a spicy bowl of ... cereal?  its ok though.  its still manageable.
  • the most exciting news i have for this week is that i finally finished painting the crib.  yay!  
  • ... and now i get to start on the changing table :)  


  1. just don't cut out oatmeal cream pies entirely. They're an important part of your daily diet!

  2. The crib looks great.. I love the bright sunny yellow..
    yay on not having gestational diabetes.. I had it and it was no fun.

  3. YAY! Looking great and the crib is so bright and happy! :)

  4. you look beautiful and i LOVE the crib!


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