Thursday, August 9, 2012

26 weeks

pregnancy update:
  • 26 weeks = 6.5 months ... only 2.5 to go!
  • mister has reached about 2 lbs and 14 inches from head to heal. 
  • ... about the size of a head of lettuce
  • all five senses are fully developed.
  • he has started to practice breathing by sucking in and out the amniotic fluid, which sounds like a lot of fun.  it will prepare his lungs for life on the outside.
  • comfort:  sitting is a bit more awkward then it used to be.  i cant cross my legs like a lady (not that i do this often).  the top leg slides off pretty quickly.  and sitting on my feet like i usually do has turned into a one ankle on top of the other type indian style. 
  • heartburn:  this has been a little more frequent.  its a bit of a bother but i remember how blessed i have been to be able to eat without getting sick for the past 6 and a half months so i will not complain.  staying clear of spicy or acidic foods helps and tums usually clears it right up. 
  • pregnancy brain:  i have started a lot of sentences this week that i never finished!
  • mood/emotions:  unlike last week, i seem to have a lot more control over my emotions.  
  • what to wear:  i am getting a lot of use from the few things i bought and the items that were lent to me by tara and dana.  as my belly gets bigger, i am going back to my 30 f0r 30 roots and being able to get more use out of some non maternity items.  i am hoping to do a post soon showing you my go-to outfits for a growing belly.  
  • no stretch marks yet :)
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  1. Some women glow during pregnancy - the rest of us don't. Setting yourself up with the right basics early on will save you angst as your belly grows and grows.


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