Monday, July 9, 2012

etsy ecstasy

my torso is about 4 inches long.  there are several reasons why im not excited to be so short waisted, but with the weather as hot as it is, vintage high waist bikinis is near the top of the list.  of course, in my current condition, these swim suits are out of the question ... but im pretty sure my body shape would never allow it.

take a look at some awesome vintage and vintage inspired high waist bikinis i found on etsy.  click on the pictures to shop. 

kelly botastic high waisted bikini from collective hearts
mismatch bikini high waist bandeau from rag-tag 
high wasted polka dot swimsuit from meshalo
high waist zig zag bikini from meshalo
happy monday!!!


  1. Short-waisted women, UNITE!

    (Remind me to tell you sometime about my short-waisted wedding dress drama.)

  2. Hahaha, I hear ya! Any of these would look like one-pieces on me. ;) I guess we're supposed be grateful though, since as a result of short-waistedness our legs are proportionately longer than average...


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