Tuesday, July 10, 2012

teaching your kids about marriage

i found this article on pinterest and was reminded that i will soon have the responsibility to teach my child what about love and marriage.  i have always known that i wanted to give my kids a great picture of what marriage looks like, we all do right?  well, if its not something you have been intentional about, this post really gives you some great starting points.  its never too late to make sure your kids see you loving your spouse.  

10 actions that kids learn from their parents marriage: 

  1. affection
  2. saying "im sorry" 
  3. affirmation
  4. attraction 
  5. time
  6. laughter 
  7. respect
  8. faith conversations
  9. the value of friends
  10. servanthood
doug goes into more detail on each of these in his post.

husband and i will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this september.  we have grown so much, individually, as well as together.  i am looking forward to mister being a part of our lives and teaching him what its like to live and love.  seeing these actions listed out, its a great reminder that to be the best mom i can be, i also need to be the best wife i can be.  and believe me, i still have a lot to learn!!!
photo by christine hall photography

what are some of the things you learned about marriage from your parents? 

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