Thursday, July 19, 2012

23 weeks

  • translation: 23 weeks = 5.75 months 
  • i just had a small "we only have 3.25 months to go" panic attack.
  • mister could have reached a foot long by the end of this week (if not, then next week) ... this blows my mind.  
  • eyebrows and eyelashes are growing this week.  i wonder if he will have his daddy's long lashes. 
  • i am looking forward to signing up for our birthing class.  i cant thank you all enough for your comments and advice.  its helped me to look forward to it a little more then just another expensive item to check off our to do list.  
  • we had an appointment yesterday and the doctors says everything looks great.  they were using the little doppler thingy to hear mister's heartbeat and twice they pressed down a little, he punched the instrument.  ha!
  • my feet are officially starting to swell on a regular basis, fun :)
  • WARNING tmi:  until this past week, i had not yet experienced the dreaded pregnancy constipation, so i had not really been taking any precautions.  lets just say that after last friday, i will make sure to increase my fiber and water intake ... nuf said!
  • i read somewhere that if mister hears things like dogs barking or a door bell, then he will be less likely to startle by these noises once he is born.  im pretty sure this is a load, but mailey is giving it all she's got these days so im kinda hoping its true.
  • since mister is hearing everything more clearly each day, i have decided to be a little more intentional about what i say and how i say it.  luckily, husband and i decided a long time ago that we would never scream at each other during an argument.  so far, we have kept this agreement and usually talk things out calmly or wait to cool off before discussing an issue.  its crazy to think about how much of an impact a screaming match with anyone could have on our growing mister.  not only would it put stress on my body from being stressed, but he can also hear me and other people.  what i really want is to make sure he hears husband and i laughing as much as possible ... that he hears me singing (as horrible as i might sound) and the sounds of us enjoying life.  

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