Friday, July 20, 2012

high five for friday

linking up with lauren to share my five favorite things from this past week:

1)  my first harvest.  so its a little small but so is my garden.  while my tomato plant is not too happy with me, my peppers are ripe for the picking.  

2)  husband and i went to a dinner party saturday night.  good food + good company = a pretty great night. 

3)  spending a weekend with these two makes for a very good weekend!  we stayed up til 2:30am on friday night playing catchphrase, had a great lunch outside on saturday.  after church on sunday, we were able to introduce them to two of my favorite things ever ... our church family and beasley's chicken and honey

4)  mailey was able to feel her little brother for the first time the other night. she laid there for about 20 minutes getting kicked in the face and wagging her tail.  

5)  date night with tara!!!  we met up at nofo to look around their cute little shop and then headed to hayes barton cafe for a salad and dessert.  they serve slices of cake the size of toddlers.  

have a great weekend!


  1. Love the belly/dog pic - so cute!

  2. A) Hooray for your garden harvest! You're making me want to plant things and try to be all green-thumby
    B) I can't believe you posted that picture...again.

  3. Those green bell peppers looks amazing! And that picture of your dog laying with your baby is to die for. I love nofo...and their ginormous desserts :)

  4. the fourth photo is so sweet! the dog really loves the baby :)

    jen @


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