Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pin it

if you haven't ever heard of pinterest, then you need to get with it.  its a great was to share ideas and get inspired.  as i mentioned at the beginning of this month, i want to get back to a place where i am challenging myself to be creative.  its really easy to get caught up in the world of pinterest and just appreciate it all from afar.  well, i refuse!  i will share my pinterest inspired adventures with you on this blog. 

to start out, i have included pictures below, of all the pins that i have attempted {with links to the original source}.  i didnt really document anything, so you'll just have to take my word for it :)  but i promise, as i move forward, ill take some pics and let you know what i think of the pins i try.
carrot ginger soup

baked parmesan tomatoes - aka "fancy tomatoes"

no-bake energy balls


this workout plan

messy bun

coasters - made these for christmas gifts
paper pine cone-ish christmas ornament

the animal ornaments and the clear balls

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  1. How did the no bake energy bites turn out? Those look yummy!

  2. Fun!! Pinterest is addicting. The messy hair picture is a friend of mine :)

  3. I don't have an account (yet), but I love browsing through all those amazing pins! Not sure if I want to get on there yet, officially...I don't want to get too addicted! Maybe I can hire someone to pin stuff for me:-) xoxo

  4. ok, i need to make that soup and those tomatoes together, for dinner, tonight! yum! and that atlas ornament is adorable. i just bought a vintage atlas and need ideas of how to use it...so thanks!


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