Sunday, December 12, 2010

weekend wrap up

this weekend started early, but crappy.  i was home in bed all day friday with what my mom would call "the creeping cruds."  my throat is still sore from all the coughing.  incidentally, friday was also husband's 30th birthday ... which he spent at least a 3rd of the day taking care of me {thank you hunky husband!}  

yesterday, i spent the morning serving with love wins and the afternoon cleaning house.  we had some friends over for a small b-day celebration.  after dinner at the pit, we came home to eat some yummy birthday cake (made by tara).  

i spent most of today with mom, alecia and vincent.  we went to see toy story 3 on ice and had a blast.   

because i have been so sick, today's outfit was really the first non 30 for 30 outfit.  i ended up wearing my $5 dress from target.  

i have a new way to wear my scarf, thanks to this post by sydney at the daybook.
and i have a new found appreciation for these boots, thanks to keira at a pretty penny

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