Saturday, October 16, 2010

flash back friday

... saturday

my apologies for slacking off yesterday.  i did not plan ahead and husband and i spent last night at the nc state fair.  his mother sang the national anthem to open up for casting crowns.  she did such a great job, the concert was fantastic and we ate too much food :)

for this week's flash back friday, i am flashing back to when i started this blog in april.  i have not been blogging long enough to repost stuff, but today i am.  i need to remind myself what this started out as and that i must stick with it.  there are many fun things i want to add to this space, but i will try to always remain true to the fact that i am seeking ...

i seek to be a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, cousin and employee. above all, i seek God with all my heart. there is comfort knowing that if i seek Him daily, everything else will fall into place. 

i wanted to start blogging for several reasons 

1) i am so blessed! talking to people about the things God is doing in my life makes my heart smile, period. 

2) i have been blessed with a new camera. there is so much i have to learn about taking photos and capturing moments. so please bare with me.

3) my mind is full of "random thoughts by elizabeth" ... maybe someone out there cares what they are :)

this blog will be a documentation of my growth in faith, life and hopefully some talent as well.


in the past 6 months a lot has changed ... for better and for, well, not so better.  as i have mentioned before, life has gotten a little bit complicated.  but husband and i remain focused, hopeful and strong in faith.  
goodnight all ...

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