Thursday, October 7, 2010


i received the award below from dana at hancock heir.

dana is my cousin's wife, a new mother and an excellent and entertaining blogger.

after getting this particular award, the following must happen:
  • thank and link back to the person nice enough to give you the award. 
  • share seven things about yourself.
  • pass the award along to seven other bloggers who you think are fabulous. 
  • contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award. 
so here are seven things about me that i have not already shared here and here
  1. i have very few secrets of my own.  this does not mean that i have a hard time keeping things to myself that people have confided in me.  im talking about the fact that i wear my heart on my sleeve.  this is not always a good thing ... i do not have much of a censor.  but, in my defense, it really helps when i meet someone new.  if i am an open book it helps them to get to know me better and they feel more comfortable sharing with me.  i am able to create a deeper bond with people because i am not afraid to share my flaws, failures and feelings.  and i LOVE making new friends.  
  2. i am NOT a fan of foo foo dogs!  i have mean thoughts about poodles and other yappy pups that people carry in their purses.  if my 45 lb dog could eat your dog as a snack, then chances are, we wont get along.  there are a few exceptions where i was introduced when the dog was very young or if i love my friend so much that i accidentally end up loving their dog too.  
  3. my dream dog is a great dane named eugene :)
  4. if there is nothing in the house to eat or that i want to eat, i make myself a box of mac & chz ... and then i eat the entire box.  this is not something i am proud of ... but i enjoy noodles and chz on any level!
  5. i have no idea what i want to be when i grow up.  sometimes i am overwhelmed and get so excited about the things God has planned for my life and sometimes i feel like i am not qualified for anything.  the ups and downs of making our own plans can be a bit disappointing at times.  i may not know what im going to be but i know who i want to be ... so im working on that at the moment.  
  6. Jesus is my homeboy!
  7. husband and i are very different people.  mostly, i talk a lot and love meeting new people ... he keeps to himself and would rather stay in.  two things we share that neither of us have to compromise is movies and fishing.  and although i am a lady :) i love to fish!  i can cut my own bate, bate my own hook, take the hook out of a fish's mouth and getting much better at the casting part of the whole thing.  and get this, i can even not talk so much while pier fishing.  i talk a little with husband or other fisherman but i also find it relaxing to just sit and wait.  with the cold weather approaching, there is a little ache in my heart that we wont be fishing until the spring.  
and now, with the authority vested in me (which is none), i would like to pass on the versatile blogger award to a few of my favorite blogs: 


  1. thanks for the award (and the shoutout)! i'll definitely post about it soon!

  2. my lunch yesterday was an entire box of mac & Cheese :)


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