Friday, July 18, 2014

high five for insta-friday

linking up with lauren and jeanett today for high five for insta-friday.  


ONE:  some good friends of ours threw a big 30th birthday bash last saturday night ... with a photo booth :)  husband and i had a great night out catching up with friends and enjoying feeling like grownups for a while.  
35 weeks 

TWO:  henry climbs on (and sometimes jumps off of) everything these days.  i love how much he likes to explore even though i feel the grey hairs sprouting. 

THREE:  i have been doing another yoga challenge on instagram this month.  its been nice to have some form of exercise to partake in each day and gently push myself.  there are quite a few pregnant women joining in on the challenge so the sense of community and encouragement is fun.  
35 week baby bump

FOUR:  henry is crazy about his daddy.  he waits for him at the storm door and squeals with delight when he gets home from work.  he loves to climb on his back and sit in his lap whenever possible.  i heart them both!  

FIVE:  i guess a meltdown isnt one of my top favorite moments from the week.  its more about my growth as a mom and the patience im finding.  henry had an off night where he was just pitifully tired.  i put him in his highchair and he just cried because he was sad i wouldnt let him buckle himself in.  i knew better than to offer food in this condition because it would only end up on the floor.  so we sat there.  he, sobbing and me patiently waiting for him to notice me and let me distract him enough to transition into dinnertime.  


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life rearranged

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  1. I LOVE your preggo yoga pictures! You should try PIYO when you are ready after you have little Misses! I love it and wow - the definition I am getting in my arms!!


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