Monday, July 21, 2014

currently ...

Making:  a person
Cooking:  nothing much these days ... bowls of cereal
Drinking:  lots of water
Reading:  orange is the new black
Wanting:  coffee ice cream from trader joes
Looking:  at spreadsheets all week long
Playing:  my mumford and sons pandora station
Deciding:  how to arrange the collage wall in the nursery
Wishing:  it wasnt too hot for me to take walks or i had a treadmill
Enjoying: the summertime 
Waiting: patiently for our little girl to arrive
Liking: climbing into bed early and watching documentaries on netflix with husband
Wondering: if i enjoy blogging as much as i used to
Loving:  how well kitty klaus and omar are get along
Pondering:  our baby girls middle name.  we are working from a short list but trying to make a final decision soon. 
Considering:  going blonde but then i think that it might look awful or cost too much to maintain
Watching:  henry grow into this silly kid that knows his cheesy grin will get him out of trouble
Hoping:  to find a good childcare solution that we can afford
Marvelling:  at how quickly henry is picking up new words
Needing:  diapers, more time, coffee ... and maybe a nap
Smelling:  honey suckles reminds me of my childhood 
Wearing:  breezy maternity clothes that keep my cool on these humid 97 degree days
Following: a lot of pregnant yogis on instagram
Noticing:  that im feeling a bit isolated from people i was once close with
Knowing:  that my husband is the
Thinking:  there must be something im forgetting to do to prepare for sister.  
Feeling: round
Admiring: how patient husband is with me
Sorting:  out the details of childcare (who, what, where, how much, etc.)
Buying:  as little as possible this month 
Getting: tired of not being able to play on the floor with henry for very long
Bookmarking:  yoga poses/workouts i cannot do until after i am no longer pregnant
Disliking:  how much i procrastinate and then stress myself out
Opening:  a straw to put into a strawberry milkshake
Giggling: at how grossed out husband gets when henry spits out chewed up food he doesnt like
Feeling:  anxious, excited, nervous, blessed 

the idea for this list came from here


  1. No to the blonde (stupidly hard to maintain), it's OK to feel isolated, yay that your husband and you are a good fit, impossible that Henry is talking already, and please do go ahead and have that kid already. The childcare thing is a tough one - I drove 100 miles a day back and forth to daycare/work/daycare/home at one point to have the boys in a place I was comfortable with. Will cast out a prayer or 2 that you solve this dilemma soon. --Kerry

  2. Love this post! Can't wait to meet baby Girl and I hope any anxieties you have melt away with the summer heat and the promise that God knows exactly what's in store for your beautiful family. Hugs!


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