Friday, March 8, 2013

high five for inst-friday

its friday, so im linking up with lauren, jeanette, and rachel to share a few of my favorite things from this week.

ONE:  my sister and i attended a womens retreat last weekend.  it was awesome to be able to fellowship with her and other ladies from my church.  on saturday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn for a cold but great run!   

TWO: on monday, henry turned 4 months old.  he did great at his wellness visit, weighing in at 14.5 lbs.  they gave him two shots and he didnt even cry. in fact, daddy picked him up and he started smiling.  he did not get this from me :)

THREE: this week i finished the workout plan i started on january 1st.  you can read more about that here.

FOUR: this week's fresh 20 menu is great.  i made homemade pesto and then i learned several ways to use it.  sunday night's dinner was turkey burgers with pesto, on monday i smeared it all over our salmon before baking it and  wednesday, i diluted it a little to make some yummy pasta. the best part is that everything was super healthy.  

FIVE: i leave you with this last image of cuddle time.  i took last night off from cooking to sew and snuggle with mister.  



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  1. The bottom pic is my favorite so far! I miss him so much!!! UGHH!!!

  2. So just from this post I can tell we have some things in common: God,babies, running and cooking and I saw you live in Raleigh. We are moving south of there in a few weeks! Your little guy is so cute!


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