Wednesday, March 6, 2013


do you follow 100 days of real food or food babe?  if i know you in real life, then you have  probably heard me talk about their blogs.  either way, they are trying hard to make a change in how we, as a country, eat.  

my eyes were opened when i started reading the 100 days of real food blog in january.  since then, i have made a lot of changes to what i feed my family.  i was really angry when i first read this post.  its one thing for a company to have to reinvent how they make a product.  its another thing to know they have already created a safer product and they do not offer it in the u.s.  after being angry, i decided to feel empowered instead.  i now have the knowledge to choose to not purchase these products.  i choose to not feed them to my family.  

these two ladies have combined forces to take action.  lets celebrate the fact that we can demand food that is not harmful.  take a look at this video and click on the link below to sign the petition.  

click HERE to sign the petition!

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