Friday, January 25, 2013

high five for insta-friday

i love fridays and i love linking up with lauren, jeanette, lindsay and rachel to share my favorite little things from this past week that make my heart smile.

ONE:  isnt it awesome, that with just $10 and 30 minutes, i can prevent myself from spending more money and chopping off my hair.  i was so bored with it but i think i want to wait until march to get it cut.   

TWO: speaking of my hair, i have decided to give the "no poo" (aka: no shampoo) thing a try.  i hear its really good for your hair and so much cheaper.  maybe i will do a little review later of how it works out.  
{btw my hair had been washed with baking soda and vinegar in the photo above.}

THREE:  last saturday, sister and i went to get a tattoo we have been talking about since before i was pregnant.  and dont worry, my doctor said it was fine to get inked while breastfeeding, as long as i went to a reputable place. 

FOUR:  this weeks fresh20 menu has been really yummy and full of greens.  

FIVE: henry's drooling is getting out of control.  im glad to finally get some use out of this dribble bib i made.  

im looking forward to the weekend.  i hear we should expect some snow that sticks this evening :)  

happy friday!!!


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  1. I LOVE that dribble bib! And your tattoo is so pretty. I don't have any, but something cute and special like that makes me want I just need a sister to get one with me :) Happy Friday!

  2. Tell me more about baking soda and vinegar. Does it make your hair that straight or did you use a flat iron?

    1. my hair is naturally straight. i just used a blow dryer. i have just started the no poo thing so i dont have much to say about it yet. you can google or do a search in pinterest and find out more than you ever wanted to know :) i plan on doing a follow up post about how it goes and if i decide to stick with it.

  3. your hurrr looks amaze balls!!! love the color and length of it!

    and your matching tatts with your sister is just too adorbs. love the simple little heart!

    found you through H54F linkup! xo, Bev

  4. Oh it's drool central here too! Interested to know how the baking soda/vinegar works! I'd like to give it a go too. Found you via Finding Joy xx

  5. Your hair looks great! I've tried that no poo also. I tend to get greasy hair, so I felt like I needed some "real" stuff just in case. I should really tough it out for several days since it's so much better for my way damaged hair. Good luck!

  6. Gorgeous hair color! I'd be interested to hear how you like the soda/vinegar trick. Love the tattoo. Very tasteful. Also, your baby is adorable!


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