Friday, January 18, 2013

high five for insta-friday

today im linking up with lauren, jeanette, lindsay and rachel to share the little things from this past week that make my heart smile.

ONE:  after a super lazy saturday morning of eating pancakes and watching food, inc, we headed to the farmers market to purchase some groceries for this weeks fresh20 meal plan.  henry enjoyed facing out in the moby wrap.  i carried him this way at church too and he seemed much more content to be able to see what was going on. 

TWO:  i had never in my life cooked a whole bird ... i actually dont think i have ever cooked anything with the bone in.  well this sunday, i roasted two chickens to eat on this week and they turned out great.  

THREE:  henry has was a bit needy on wednesday night.  its difficult to be super productive but i am enjoying being close to him.  after being at work all day, its hard not to sit there and play or watch him sleep.

FOUR:  lets face it, making leg warmers for little girls is more fun.  as much as i love my little guy in the leg warmers i made for him, boy leg warmers are a bit limited.  i cant wait to get these in the mail and wait patiently for a cute picture. 

FIVE:  henry has been doing great with his head control lately.  i gave him a few minutes in the bumbo seat so he would know what he was working towards :-)

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  1. That last picture is so cute. And I will have to check the Fresh20

  2. Chickens look great! I always cook mine in the easy!

  3. I adore legwarmers! Yep, just not the same on little boys. Such a cute shot of Henry in the bumbo :)

  4. Just discovered your blog through following! We often roast chickens at home ends up being a lot cheaper and you can use it for so many meals. BTW, your little man is adorable. Have a great weekend!

  5. Popping over from Life Rearranged...What a cute little boy you have!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You've got a new follower and hope you'll consider stopping by my blog more often! Great blog!

  7. Way to be brave and cook the whole bird. I've never done it either, but yours look delicious!

  8. The chicken looks delicious. What a great idea to roast 2 at the same time! I'm here from Life Rearranged and look forward to checking out your blog.


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