Wednesday, January 2, 2013

first day back

ready to have a great day!
today was my first day back at work and henry's first time staying with someone other than me or husband.  since it was my first day i got a lot of "did you cry?" or "wasnt it so hard leaving him?" etc.  the answer, of course, is yes.  it was extremely difficult to not be with him all day long ... i missed him terribly but i am proud to say i didnt cry.  i was able to have peace throughout the day.  all i could think about when i was driving away is how very blessed i am.  i know that i left him in a stable, friendly and Godly environment.  i know that he will be kissed and hugged and when needed, disciplined.  i also know that our friend's little girl will be a good friend to him and that he is so lucky to be able to spend the afternoons with his dad.  i also realize that i am so blessed to have a good job to go back to with great benefits.  

i kept all these blessed thoughts in my head and i was able to have a really good and productive day.  im thinking thats a pretty great start to the year, no?  i plan on staying positive and working hard to help the days go by quickly and then focus on my family when i am home.  

yay for the new year and all its possibilities!!!!

photo sent via text from husband: "nap time"


  1. Good job, mama. It's so hard to go back to work, but it seems like you found the right place for Henry to be while also being a great role model for him too!


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