Thursday, September 6, 2012

30 week pregnancy update

  • 30 weeks = 7.5 months
  • mister movement:  i think i felt hiccups for the first time on tuesday.  he has been wiggling around a lot more and doing quite a bit of pushing.  i feel like he is trying to help stretch out my belly to make more room. 
  • food cravings:  after talking to a friend, i realized that my last post might have misrepresented what my diet actually looks like.  while i have been craving and eating fruit, i have also eaten a lot of instant grits, oatmeal creme pies, husband went to the gas station the other night at 9pm to buy me some oreos to dip in my milk, and the past 2 friday nights we ordered chinese food and pizza.  so, while i am eating some healthy things (this week its lots of salad), i am also eating a lot of things that are not healthy at all. 
  • sleep:  i have been having some crazy dreams and wake up often to find a more comfortable position ... there are only 2 :)
  • comfort:  still havent gone to find a new bra yet.  mainly because i am wearing the one that is the least uncomfortable.  the reason i havent searched is because i dont feel like being disappointed.  its been a pretty great week so there is no need to ruin it with bra shopping.  
  • heartburn:  hasnt been an issue this week. 
  • mood/emotions:  for the most part i have been fine although i have felt a little more anxious about things that were out of my control this week.  so i guess maybe a little dramatic.  
  • energy level:  resting more than usual with short bursts of energy.  although, maybe im just motivated by our dwindling time and our ever growing to do list.  i was able to start and almost complete two painting projects over the weekend which is awesome and very unlike me. 
  • nursery:  painted the changing table this weekend.  i want to add some details and i need to paint the knobs before i post a picture.  also, my mom's cousin is going to make new cushions for the rocking chair my mother in law brought over for the nursery.  im hoping to look for fabric this coming weekend.  
  • belly button:  still in ... but not for long, im sure. 
  • stretch marks:  none yet but like my belly button, im sure it wont be long. 

 and just in case you wanted to compare my largeness, 
i was wearing this same outfit for my 24 week pregnancy update


  1. I am totally with you..."its been a good week, why spoil it with bra shopping." That is that absolute worse shopping experience-ever. Hands down!
    I hope you find what you need when you do get out.
    Linking up from the Chasing Big Dreams link.

  2. Yay! Happy 30 weeks! I'm looking forward to the belly-bigger-than-the-girls days. Hope the rest of the nursery goes well :)

  3. You look so cute! I love that tank paired with the bright cardigan and belt...I may be copying that look soon :)

  4. You look great! Happy 30 weeks! I am 30 weeks preggo as well! I love the outfit, it looks so comfy! I would love for you to stop by my blog!


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