Thursday, July 12, 2012

22 weeks

  • translation: 22 weeks = 5 and a half months.  
  • mister is most likely weighing in at a whopping pound this week.  
  • i read that he is sleeping in cycles and he has been letting me know when he is awake :)
  • i have been eating  a lot of root beer floats ... which unfortunately, does not make the craving for actual beer go away.  dont get me wrong, giving up alcohol has been pretty easy.  i think the best thing about not drinking (besides growing a healthy baby) is how much money we have saved these past 5 months.  i have already decided that i will be celebrating the birth of mister with a bad penny or guinness.  YUM!
  • i have yet to finish painting the crib.  i have only primed it and hope to start with some color this week or next. 
  • i am looking forward to cooler evenings so i can start walking.  i would love to get more exercise but this heat has been killing me.  both our vehicles are currently without ac.  that means i am spending a lot of time indoors.  as nice as its been to relax (be lazy and ignore my to do list), i dying for a day at the beach or a lovely walk with husband and the pups!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. I remember 22 weeks was when I REALLY popped. I loved that week. :)


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