Tuesday, May 22, 2012

instagram wall

remember when i was all gung ho about an instargram project and then never spoke of it again?  i promise i did finish this project.  in fact, it was complete soon after my post in march.  i just never got around to take any good pictures of it.  i still havent but i wanted to share it with you anyway. 

after my 4x4 prints from postalpix arrived in the mail, i spread all the pictures out on the table.  i tried to make sure there was a balance of color and content.  i take a lot of pictures of my dogs, so mainly i just made sure there were plenty of people pics between each dog photo.  

after figuring out how many rows i wanted of how many pictures, i found the center of my wall and started taping up the prints one by one.  i used painting tape to measure between each row.  

i love this picture it took of tara and her son
this blank wall had really been bothering me.  im glad i was able to add a little color and personality without having to paint anything.
there is only a piece of rolled up tape holding each photo.  as the days got hotter and the ac pumped harder, the corners started to roll up a bit.  i think its been bothering husband more than me.  i plan to get some double sided tape and fix this soon.  other then that, its has held up pretty well.                       (last photo was taken by aj)

i think my favorite part of this diy home decor project is that it can be easily updated with new photos at any time.  

side note:  i also have considered a similar instagram wall for the nursery, adding a photo of each of the important people in our lives.  as they get older, it will be a great tool to practice putting names with faces and learning to pray for others. 


  1. It looks awesome and is a great use of space!

  2. that is an awesome project. I should definitely do something like this too.

  3. Wow that's really cool!

    xo Jennifer


  4. this is so cool! i've been wanting to do something like this in my apartment :) x

  5. Oh I agree it looks so cool! You really did a great job and I like that it can be easily updated.

  6. I love the wall! Very cool.

  7. I just never got around to take any good pictures boost followers on instagram fast of it. i still havent but i wanted to share it with you anyway.


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