Thursday, June 9, 2011

summer lovin

two things i love most about the summertime this year ...

... this dress and mailey's new little brother!

when i walked in the door last tuesday evening, i was greeted by this little guy. he has no blood relation to mailey, but he looks like her mini me. we named him general omar bradley or the general, omar or obie for short. over the past year or so, mailey has really calmed down. she does a lot of laying around the house and backyard. omar is having none of that ... he hangs on her collar and just follows her around, playfully biting at her neck. we are having to get used to the constant "go time" attitude that comes with our little man.

as for this dress - i bought this for a backyard wedding and have fallen in love. i paid $14 at h&m and i have already gotten my monies worth. hello breezy cotton maxi dress ... and hello summer!!!


  1. That dress is really pretty and really suits you! I love maxi dresses at the moment =) And your dogs are so cute!! You're right, they do look related =D

  2. awwww - you look so pretty in these pictures! yay for summer. :)

  3. UM... could your dogs be any cuter?! I have an older dog who finally calmed down after two years, but now we have a puppy too who chases her everywhere like a tornado. Fun stuff. (sometimes) Hope your dogs bring you lots of kisses and love!

  4. adorable dress, and cute puppies (i know mailey's not a puppy, but that's what i call any dog)! :)

  5. Ah! Love your dogs and your dress!!


  6. Super cute dogs!!
    What kind are they?

    My dog is a lab mix and I've always wondered what he has been mixed with. And looking at this picture makes me thing he is mixed with whatever breed your dogs are.

    My dog looks like the big one but with out the black and white fur. He has the same face and everything.

    My guess is Rhodesian Ridgeback???

  7. mailey (the big one) is a boxer/pit mix with a dash of ridgeback ... i think :)


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