Monday, May 28, 2012

etsy ecstasy: travel

we are gearing up for our babymoon/happy birthday to me trip.  thinking about what to pack makes me want to put everything in an old suitcase and head out.  of course, i own your average overnight bag and large luggage on wheels, but that doesnt mean that my soul isnt carrying summer dresses in a vintage suitcase.  

here are a few vintage suitcase inspired items i found on etsy that make my heart leap for joy:
wood grain suitcase by another jamie davis
vintage suitcase shelves from quirks by annie

photograph of a set of four vintage suitcases by michael spence photo
suitcase pet bed from spaghetteria
click the pics to shop!!!

are you traveling this holiday weekend?  did you pack huge rolling luggage or just an overnight bag?  

1 comment:

  1. Ok, those suitcases are adorable! Especially that first one!

    Thank you for your comment today. I absolutely understand what you mean and appreciate your honesty. Yup, people always deserve grace, and sometimes we just have to say "Lord this is really hard for me, but show me how to show grace to your people!" Working on this myself!

    Have a great trip!!


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