Friday, April 20, 2012

high five for friday

linking up with lauren with high five for friday
she spoke about it at latte's and blogging and i thought it sounded like fun. 

here are my top five favorite things from this past week:

1.  chick-fil-a gave me a free breakfast on thursday morning. 
the calories dont count if i didnt have to pay for it, right?  

2.  mailey in all her cuddle glory!  she is the most to say the least.

3.  i heart being airport ride biotch to my besties!  not only is it a chance to be of service to my friends, but also i get to be the first hug hello or the last farewell.  so looking forward to spending more time with these ladies this weekend! 

4.  i love how much husband spoils our pups.  it wasnt even 80 degrees out and he made sure they had fresh, iced water.  he is such a softy!

5.  attending my very first blogger meetup.


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