Thursday, April 19, 2012

bang envy

ive been growing out my bangs for a while now.  but when i see pictures like the ones below, i want to go straight to my bathroom and get the scissors out. 

  all photos are from pinterest (search "bangs")

almost every updo is better with bangs.  but i must remember, as great as these photos are, my bangs do not end up looking like this.  plus, i have to wash my bangs every day because they get oily. 

my indecisiveness reminds me of anna farris's character in what's your number?  she is constantly "growing out her bangs."

what about you?  do you have a hard time committing to bangs or a harder time committing to growing them out? 


  1. I grew mine out over freshman and sophomore year of HS and haven't looked back since. It was a long and tedious process (especially when you have long hair --- they never seem to catch up!) I've had short haircuts since then, and eventually I even embraced layers. But bangs, never again. (Just looking @ my 7th grade yearbook picture gives me shivers.)

  2. I can't do bangs! I had them when I was a kid and they would never lay right, and would curl funny, and I just cannot imagine what they would do now! No bangs for me either!

  3. Omgosh, Elizabeth! I have such a bang obsession. On again and off again the bang train! Around New Years I cut my own bangs at midnight while my family slept! Ha ha. Since then I've grown them out to a side sweep because I found them to be a bit high maintenance in the am while trying to get the baby up and ready for the day! xx Natalie


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