Friday, March 11, 2011

stick a fork in me ...

... ok, so im not done but i am pooped.  its been a busy week for the benfields and i just dont have it in me for a flash back friday tonight.  i promise to do better in the weeks to come.

seriously, i do feel a little drained still from my 30 for 30 challenge.  unlike last time, i did not skip one day but i think it took away from what i am trying to do here.  there has been a lot of thoughts flying around in my head about what my next steps are and i have been taking some time to get those in order.   i am actually working on a post that will explain to you some of the goals and overall theme i am going for.  so thanks for sticking with me for this long.  i am sorry if i have disappointed anyone.

i will leave you with this blurb on how husband and i have been spending our free time this week:

words with friends!!!

forgive me, i am new to the world of iphones but i sure am glad i have finally arrived.  monday night, husband, keith and i sat around our living room playing words with friends ... with each other.  it was pitiful really, but so much fun.  i suck at word games but i am loving this!  

it maybe a little to blame for my lack of inspiration lately ... 

happy weekend everyone. 

ps - if you love this game too, my username is mebenfield.  hit me up!


  1. She may be new to the game, but she is an excellent player.


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