Thursday, January 20, 2011

orange you glad its almost friday?

i am such a bargain bragger.  if someone compliments something i am wearing, my reaction is to say something like "thanks!  i got from the gap ... ON SALE!  no really, i paid $3 for it"  ... you get the point, right?  

i love blogging because now i dont have to wait for a compliment.  i just brag because i can :) 

for my 2nd day at my new job, i decided i would break out the brightness.  it was a beautiful 58 degrees out and the sun was shining.  i bought this orange dress at the end of summer for only $10.    


yup, $10.  i only had the chance to wear it twice before the cold set in and made me want to hibernate for the winter.  i woke up feeling a little sick and the only way i knew to kick start my morning was this orange dress.  (note: there have been no color adjustments done to this picture.  the dress is really that orange.)


in other news, kendi just announced the winter 30 for 30 challenge.  hip hip hurray!  i know there were several of you out there that thought it was pretty cool and wanted to give it a go.  well, here is your chance folks.  

i was debating for a while because i changed jobs.  its not that i didnt think i could do it with my new job.  i just find it hard to be in work clothes at night and on the weekends.  before, i could wear jeans, shorter skirts, something a little sloppy or just plain weird, as long as i didnt have any meetings scheduled.  now, im still working on my first impressions and i have to dress up every day (as in slacks and a sweater)  so this time, my real challenge will be, choosing 30 items that i can make non-work outfits too.  

what do you think?  you ready to see me do another 30 for 30?  would you like to do it with me?!?!?!  or are you annoyed and contemplating taking back your follow ... indian giver!


  1. I love it! I don't think it's too orange for you. You can pull it off. It would be too orange for someone like me though :)

  2. I love it! You got all the creative genes and cuteness genes. I am jealous! I definitely want to see you do another 30 for 30. I need some more ideas!

  3. do it! I loved seeing how you put everything together.

    But no...I will not being joining the fun. I just don't think I'm that creative.


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