Friday, December 3, 2010

day twenty four

 yay for fridays!

button up: hand-me-down
belt: f21
skirt: thrifted (american apparel)
tights: i have no idea
boots: vintage (ebay)

grr!  was unable to find one pic where i didnt need to chop my head off.  i am eager to try this challenge again in the spring/summer.  right now, i dont get home until after dark so that means i have to take photos first thing (even the light coming through the window helps).  i just cant do "natural" until after 10am or 2 cups of coffee (whichever comes first).  i would love to get  home and take my time taking pics and posting, but right now, i just dont have that luxury.


  1. OOH i love that skirt! i want a skirt with a silhouette like that as soon as i am allowed to shop again :)


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