Wednesday, January 5, 2011

etsy ecstasy

i heart hats!  

i absolutely love trying on hats, i love hats on other peeps ... but unfortunately, i dont wear a lot of them.  the number one reason is that my head is ridiculously small.  90% of the hats that you find in the average store are too big for me.  the second reason is because, in the past, i just didnt have the guts.  its one of those things i put on thinking "this hat looks awesome with this outfit" but then i loose my nerve just as im walking out the door.  

if i practiced new years resolutions (which i dont) i would vow to wear more hats this year! 

here are a few vintage and handmade hats that can be found on esty.  
click the pic to shop

vintage mustard yellow coche
vintage straw hat

bohemian floppy hats
double flowered cloche hat
vintage straw fedora

suki hat
vintage cloche hat
vintage floppy hat

coralie beanie cap
vintage floppy brown hat
my 2011 hat inspiration is all hats seen on the second skin style blog.  if you see her wearing a hat ... chances are, i want it.  

happy hump day!  

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  1. Funny you posted on hats...i just posted about how everyone by the pool during my holiday vacation all wore the same fedora!
    Anyway, I love hats too, I support your resolution!!

    Aesthetic Lounge


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