Monday, January 24, 2011

diy for only $2.52

back in september, i saw this post by leah at the way we are.  i was instantly inspired to give our front side a color punch.  i started with the mailbox and house numbers because they were in bad shape!  in that post, i mentioned that i had something else planned and to "stay tuned."  now, 3 months later, i finally got motivated.  

my mother donated the lamp above to my cause (she had two and i may go back and thief the other one).  i had a burst of energy this afternoon, so i went to walmart and spent $2.52 on spray paint and raced home to start my project before i got too dark to take pics.  

^ this spray thingy is the bomb dot com! ^  

you can pick one up at your local walmart for like $2.  i bought it for this project and have used it several times ... its a real finger saver!  

after two coats of primer, i was ready for some color :)

and then WHAMMO, it was ready to be given a home right under our "b."  

and on the other side, this: 

yay color!

by spring, i home to attach a flower pot to the top and have a beautiful and welcoming plant in it ... IF i can keep it alive.  

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  1. I LOVE IT! No, seriously, why did you get all the creative genes?! When I finally get in my own house you are coming over and helping me decorate!


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