Sunday, December 5, 2010

day twenty six

"am i a genius or am i just getting desperate?" 

that was my question for husband this morning, when we were getting ready for church.  with only 4 more days to go, i am running out of options.  i totally made this outfit up at the last minute.  its quite cold today and i wanted to layer up but without all the fuss.  so i took this dress and this dress, meshed them both together and here is what i came up with:

dress #1: kohls
dress #2: target
leggings: walmart
socks: target
boots: target

and that, my dears, its what this 30 for 30 challenge is all about ... taking what i already have and making something new.  another reason why doubling up these dresses was a great idea, is because the flower dress bunches up with tights BUT the 1st layer dress does not.  it acted as a slip and made my day a little better, unlike my grumpy face post on day eleven


  1. you are obviously a genius! i LOVE this! you are a remixing pro!

  2. Okay - I LOVE this outfit! The boots are perfect, and I love the idea of taking traditionally "warm weather" choices and making them winter appropriate. Nice job!


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