Thursday, December 9, 2010

day thirty

me:  "well, my 30 days are almost over ... its kinda sad."

husband:  "oh, you know what you should do?  on the last day, you should wear all 30 items."

button up: american eagle
sweater: target
jeans: target
boots: target

and there you go folks, 30 outfits from 30 items of clothing.  

im really disappointed that i could not come up with something a little more awesome for the last day.  but ill be honest, i think i have officially run out of remixes.  im sure if i tried really hard, i could come up with something.  but guess what, i dont have to :)  

ill be posting a recap soon.  stay tuned!  


  1. hahahahaha - love your husband's comment.

    good job! I was following along with you the whole time. :)

  2. I like your boots and the way you are posing. Cute.

  3. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! you look awesome! good job finishing the 30 :)

  4. You know, you could pick 30 more items and do it all over again!!
    Instead of a mere "experiment", this could become your new lifestyle! (After some holiday shopping, of course.)


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