Friday, September 24, 2010

flash back friday

3 years ago today and newly wed, husband and i had just returned from our honeymoon in st. lucia.  i can remember being nervous about spending that much time with him.  i was afraid by day 4 we would realize, although we love each other very much, spending 24/7 together made us not like each other very much.  but i was pleasantly surprised!  we had so much fun relaxing and having adventures.  below are are some pics from the trip.  i hope we will one day be able to take a trip like this again.
catamaran adventure = rum punch starting at 10 am
fun at a volcano! 
yay rum punch! 
hanging out in the sunshine
i stayed in the boat with an old lady.  i have been snorkeling before and was not excited about seeing barracudas up close and personal again.  but husband had a great time.
diamond waterfall
sunset pics
i am so blessed to be with this man i call husband!

have a great weekend


  1. oooh! we did st. lucia for our honeymoon too! and i believe we visited many of the same places! :) happy anniversary! (my honeymoon blog post is right here:

  2. beautiful photos! happy anniversary!

  3. i stayed in the boat too!

    you guys are awesome!

  4. You guys are so cute! You should def go back that would be so romantic!



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